Augmented reality in logistics and production

Advanced commisioning:
LUCA Pick-by-Vision

Reality of warehouse or production hall. Toil of harnessing the reality, supported by Augmented Reality (AR). On the rack indicator lights up, what indicates slot to pick from the product, but the indicator, in fact, does not exist. Three-dimensional mark indicates the location on the shelf, as it seems it should be, but the reality it is seen only by operator wearing special glasses. There is no additional infrastructure. Easy to change the layout od warehouse or parts on a production line. Moving to another location? No problem. Training of new employees? "Put your glasses on and follow the on-screen marks." You do not need to know the language, commands neitherscenario. Employee comes between the shelves in the warehouse without any printshits or terminal. Quickly and accurately picks the correct products as if they were specially marked. But in the store,hard to see anything unusual. Other people in the room can see only the products on the shelves, but in front of employee’s eyes, before the proper place on the shelf,appears a clear, luminous sign and numbers. TheMicrosoftHoloLens glasses allow the employee, to see this additional, augmented reality.

Glasses communicates with the managing system via Wi-Fi. Information about the products and their locations are downloaded wirelessly., Confirmation of correct picking to LucaCom server are also sent wirelessly. For proper operation HoloLens must be in a stable range of a Wi-Fi (2.4GHz or 5GHz). In HoloLens employee still sees the surrounding world, but glasses extend itwith the virtualcontents. There is no danger that the worker collides with another employee or hit the rack. Virtual images that make workeasier, are naturally linked to the real world. The boundaries between reality and illusion in the lenses quickly disappear.

Podstawowa funkcja HoloLens jest prosta – ma łączyć świat cyfrowy z rzeczywistym.

The Best Product for Logistics, Transport, Production

Firma LUCA Logistic Solutions otrzymała główną nagrodę w konkursie Najlepszy Produkt dla Logistyki, Transportu, Produkcji 2016 za system Pick-by-Hololens, który wspomaga kompletacje za pomocą okularów interaktywnych.

The contest Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production focus on innovative products and services which support the work of departments of logistics (equipment, facilities, technology, IT, transport, service sector TSL). The aim of the competition is to select and award the best innovative solutions in logistics, transport and manufacturing, which have been implemented or improved in these sectors in the last two years, or soon going to be implemented. The purpose of the contest is to gather and describe innovative ideas appearing on the market, which can become both supporting innovation and breakthroughs. The competition aims to inspire and mobilize the supply chain managers and prepare for the race in the twenty-first century, in which the success of many businesses depends on innovation.

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